About Us



 The barbershop is a cornerstone of society. Historically it is one of the oldest documented professions and has been instrumental in shaping trends and culture alike. We view this cornerstone as a viable platform by which we may service, gather, teach, promote, sell, inform and reform.

We adhere to a set of core values that you can take a look at here. In addition to these values, one of our foundational beliefs is that good design reigns supreme. We believe a well-crafted aesthetic is consistent, thoughful, useful, and mostly unobtrusive.


Our journey begins here. Page one, chapter one. We’ve narrowed our focus to the three specific areas that we feel we can uniquely position ourselves. Grooming, Culture, and Community.

From our perspective, all three are woven together when it comes to understanding the DNA of a barbershop. Our differentiation will become apparent in due time. Walk with us.