Styles Of Beyond: Notable Hairstyles In Hip-Hop

Styles Of Beyond: Notable Hairstyles In Hip-Hop

It’s a peculiar time in the world of musician hairstyles - length is in, wild colors are popular, and barber culture is continuing to heat up. We think Jay Z has caught everyone by surprise, continuing to grow his hair far beyond anything we’ve seen on him before, and the hair of artists like Bad Bunny and J. Balvin are used as intentional differentiations. It’s a great time to see the evolution of known styles and begin to see them manifest on some of cultures most prominent figures.

As we’ve been in the shop we’re hearing more and more people ask for particular things. The bleach-out or psychedelic dye with a fresh bald fade, the 2019 mullet, and the occasional design are some of the most interesting. If you’re looking to try something new, now is definitely the time to do so.

Check out a list of a few artists we’ve compiled that are expressing themselves through their hair.



He’s got a freeform loc sitution going on. We’re looking forward to seeing whether or not he lets them swing. Right now they’re feeling very Basquiat-esque.




Nas has probably the most iconic and consistent cut in all of hip-hop. The half-moon part has been a part of his identity for years, but has re-emerged as cultural statement. You see, Nas is an investor in Bevel, the men’s grooming company. He’s also the face of their latest product- the Bevel Trimmer. As they continue to promote, it then makes sense that this classic is seeing a resurgence amongst local barbershops.


Bad Bunny

His hairstyle is seamlessy woven into his appearance. Kudos to whoever decided to utilize his widow’s peak as the basis for a simple, yet iconic hair design.



Kung Fu Kenny

Honestly this look is from a few years back, but the slight deviation from straightbacks here is genius. The two singular braids on either side is classy, unique, and striking all at the same time.



Mr. West

Long known to make statements with his hair (see 808’s & Heartbreak Fatback Ye), Kanye has been recently changing his hair color seemingly every other week from platinum blonde to some very trippy color swashes in connection with his Sunday Services he’s been doing.



J. Cole

J. Cole has been embodying a very down-to-earth and well rooted aura for some time now. Allowing his hair to loc appears to be an outward expression of a change in an internal reality and we’re all for it.



Lil’ Yachty

Yachty is one of a few newcomers to hip-hop who has been able to successfully set apart his identity from a slough of “Lil’s” all embracing the colored hair trend. His bright red braids have become his staple and a strong identifier.



Tyler’s never been on the radar as someone who had a unique hairstyle, although one could probably name a host of other oddities about him and his rise in the rap game over the past few years. At the 2017 Grammy’s he donned a leopard-print dye job that was admittedly pretty fresh.




Young Krizzle recently released his new video for “Energy” and featured a set of braids split down the middle, a fresh line-up, and what appears to be a taper. It’s a fresh look with no gimmick.


6ix9ine Tekashi

Perhaps the most visually-striking artist over the past few years is none other than 6ix9ine. Although he’s currently in some hot-water legally, “the guy with the rainbow hair” did a great job using his hair to market his image so that even if you didn’t know him, you knew him.

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