Park+Jungle Reviews: The Bevel Trimmer

Park+Jungle Reviews: The Bevel Trimmer


We hear you, Nas! The Bevel Trimmer is a major-key. Skip to 4:40 to see the Bevel shoutout/cameo.


We can't say we've seen a product released with as much support from the culture in a while aside from something Kanye-related . The Bevel Trimmer was introduced in 2016 and was heralded as the trimmer to end all trimmers. But amidst mixed reviews, many barbers came forth saying it was all hype. A few notable barbers in the industry showed support, saying the trimmers were worth it.

Talk is always just talk, so we picked up a pair to see whether or not they measured up to the major-key status. After using them on both straight and curly hair in the shop for a few months, as well as on myself for quick line-ups, here are the conclusions drawn.


As a preface, we take two things into consideration:


1) Bevel comes from a company that is less than 10 years old. Their competitors have literally had 100 years to get it right.

2) Barbers don't care- they just want them to cut like butter or its back to Andis.





The revolutionary design of the Bevel Trimmer is the first thing that becomes apparent to all who see them. No gas, I've been in the middle of a line-up and my client will look up cross-eyed at the trimmer and ask "What are those!?". This is significant because it says that the client is both aware and appreciative of good design. They feel like you're blessing them beyond the cut itself. Kudos, Bevel.

Designed by agency Bone & Black, and engineered by Cusp, the Bevel Trimmer touts many game-changing features and has positioned itself to lead the way in innovation. Bevel is akin to Tesla right now; Disrupting an industry with advances that should have already been made. Of course there'll be critics and unfavorable price points, but it's an exciting company- each offering seemingly gets better.



The battery touts a solid  4 hours of runtime, with an option to attach a cord if the battery goes out. I've never had an issue with this - the lithium-ion battery ensures there's no shortage of power until they actually die. You can shelf them for 2 months and come back with little to no power drain! One thing that becomes apparent as soon as you switch them on is that the clippers are loud. Loud enough to get a glance over when powered on. This is a con - because while it indicates power, it can be disruptive to conversations and a quiet environment alike.

Bevel has come out with (3) blades in total. The initial blade, a version 2, and the newest addition which is a T-Blade. The initial blade was sharp, but needed additional pressure to get that suppperrr crissspppy line. Not something you want to do to a client with sensitive skin. The version 2 & T-Blade are both receiving rave reviews. 

Its clear why some people who doubt the disruption Bevel is attempting to body the industry with are still standoff-ish. The price point is so high you don't want to risk that type of bread on something with mixed reviews - its gotta work! While it's clear R&D isn't quite through, it is clear that Bevel is committed to a transformative product. Let's be honest here: Andis only dropped the wireless T-Outliner AFTER Bevel exploited the lane. All the pieces are in place for the Bevel Trimmer to become the people's champ. They win on design hands down. Once they refine a few more

The Bevel Trimmer is a solid 4.49 out of 5. When we get a T-blade in our hands, we'll be back for another review. 


Tyler ( @AskForTyler )


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